1400 W. Orange Street
Rosamond CA 93560
Phone: 661.256.7416

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Phone: 661.256.7416

Business Hours

Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday:   8am to 430pm
Saturday: 8am to 3pm
Sunday: Closed
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      Recycling Centers, Rosamond, CA

      Go Green and Make Some Green

      Who couldn't use some extra cash in their pockets these days? Additional money to help pay more on a car payment or utility bill could be beneficial to us all, but no one doesn't want to take on an extra job.

      The answer is simple.  GO GREEN!! All those coke cans, newspapers and cardboard boxes you throw away can be taken to National Metals and Surplus  and they will pay you $$$$ on the spot and you will be helping the planet.

      We Serve in Rosamond ,CA.

      We also offer:

      Plastic Recycling, Recycling Services, Recycle Cans, Recycled Glass, Recycle Containers, Copper Recycling